"I am not my hair...Period!"

I’m so excited about this particular wave: Our sisters embracing our natural hair! Being a naturalista has truly evolved from about 10/15 years ago, when it wasn’t a popular trend. All waves are not bad waves, especially when it includes unification and uplifting one another. We need so much more of that in our world today.

As a stylist of 7 years, and curly girl of 6 years, I find myself encouraging other women to rock their crowns with a level of self-confidence that can only be found inside of themselves during the journey of being a natural. It’s so much deeper than actually wearing your hair in the form of how it grows out of your head. Accepting my texture and curl pattern has challenged my confidence and creativity.

My crown has given me a reflection of myself in areas of my life when I wasn’t so confident in who I was, what I deserved, or the insecurities within the darkness of my skin. I’ve learned to live with the most natural parts of me, whether I liked it or not. I’m hoping that with all I’ve encountered with my hair, and being in tune with the hair of my clients, I’m able to guide and encourage other naturals along their journey.

This blog is an intricate part of my own journey. I’m looking forward to finally using my voice to share my knowledge in haircare, all while always ever growing and pouring into others!

Here are 3 of 5 Tips & Tricks to Embracing Your Hair that I’d love to share with you in Part 1 of “I am Not My Hair...PERIOD!” :

1. Dress it up & make it your reality!

The first step to embracing your hair is acknowledging and accepting it for what it is. Here’s where being a natural challenges your creativity. In figuring out how to wear my natural hair, it has exposed me to a new love for hats, wraps, head bands and any other type of protective hair covering. A nice light daily beat face never hurt anybody! Makeup enhancements bring about a glow, as well as jewelry and fashion statements that aid in beautifully accessorizing our hair.

2. Be open to trying new things!

For some naturals, the initial response to their new texture, whether it be the big chop or a slow transition to curls, is that it definitely takes some adjusting to their new look. Shaping cuts and dimensional color helps to soften the blow of such a drastic change in the appearance of your hair. Usually, each of our textures have those “Go-To” Styles that complement the curl pattern. I like to refer my clients to Pinterest or possibly Google, to have reference pictures of their desired looks.

3. Connect with other crowns!

We all need to know that we are not embarking on these journeys alone. Connecting with other women who are embracing their hair helps to keep you accountable for the care of your hair, as well as imparting knowledgeable experiences into one another. I had a client share with me that she was attending a “Product Swap Party.” She stated that her friend and some other ladies got together bringing all of the lightly used products that they didn’t have usage for anymore and swapping with other naturals that could put the products to great use. Every curly girl knows how easy it can be to become a product junkie, so I just thought it was such a fun and uplifting time spent amongst natural sisters.

Stay Tuned For Part 2 of “I am not my hair....PERIOD!

Senior Stylist,

Shannon White

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