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Nighttime Sleek Style/Silk Press Tips for Natural Hair:

Why is a nighttime routine with flat ironed hair important?

Of course, when you take the time to flat iron your hair or pay for a service, you want it to last, but more importantly, did you know that the health of your ends depends on it? Yes, the way that you manipulate your hair, even in a smooth, flat ironed state matters. This is even more important for naturals as we tend to get hair that is thicker at the roots due to sweat or humidity, making it easy to pop and create split ends when manipulating hair that may have puffy roots and smooth ends.

If done properly, I first suggest having the hair as smooth as possible (this doesn’t have to be “bone straight”). Sometimes lowering the flat iron actually backfires if you’re manipulating and wrapping your hair like it is relaxer straight, when in actuality it still has a lot of texture that you can pop by combing or wrapping. When opting for lower temperatures it is best to only finger comb, roll ,flexi rod, or pin curl the hair; NO wrapping. My motto is either wear it straight or wear it natural…those who opt for styles in between should not treat their hair like it’s straight because it’s not.

If you do get your hair straightened in a healthy way (too much info for this article…) you will need to make sure that you are pin-curling or using flexi rods when you have curls and when the roots start to swell to avoid popping the hair. If you periodically prefer a smoother look over a curly look, have a hard time maintaining length with your natural styles, or haven’t quite grasped how to maintain moisture or manipulate your hair in a natural state, despite myths, sleek styles CAN actually be considered a slight protective style or break from your hair (timing and frequency is key). Many of my clients have success with length retention because their hair is easier for them to deal with in a smoother state. Here are some of my tips for wrapping natural hair and avoiding popping to maintain length and to maintain your smooth style:

Click below to watch video!

Brandy Sims

Master Stylist

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