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Wash-N-Go's Perfect for Summer!

It's spring and soon to be summer! In most regions the summer months brings humidity, rain showers, and Heat! Many naturals use this time of the year to take advantage of the temperature and wear simple wash-n-go's. They are quick, cool, and a way to get much moisture in the hair strand.

In this blog we will cover a step by step tutorial and recommendations on products to achieve a curly, fluffy, style. *Notice* - All textures do not have the texture to achieve this style. Most textures which are naturally loose-coils, wavy, or curly, usually have success with the method listed below. Tighter, denser textures may have to twist or braid hair wet or damp to achieve a pattern.

Step 1- Shampoo hair thoroughly with a conditioning shampoo. A clarifying shampoo may be needed if the hair has a lot of build-up. Next, make sure to condition the hair or use a moisture mask to replenish the hair. At Replenish Salon, we use Micro-Mist steamers which hydrates the strand and deposit about 4-6 ounces of water in the hair strand, along with the chosen conditioner. After rinsing, make sure to leave the hair very wet.

Step 2- Depending on your texture, you may use a spray leave-in or cream leave-in. In the salon, we use As I Am leave-in. Take the time to section the hair in 4-6 sections, starting in the back rubbing the leave-in conditioner throughly, manipulating the hair from root to ends, forking with fingers or using a denman type brush to accentuate the curl. You will do this to each section until you reach the top.

Step 3- Now you will add your curl cream. At Replenish Salon we use Camille Rose Curl Maker or you can use Deva Curl Cream for finer textures that need volume. Starting at the back, mist the hair with water from a spray bottle and add the cream to each section as you did the leave-in.

Once all product is in, Do not disturb the curl!

Allow hair to air-dry for a few minutes to set the curls.

Step 4- You can chose to allow hair to air-dry or use a diffuser. Once hair is 70-80 percent dry, use a light oil to seal the hair and ends. Then continue to dry.

Once hair is completely dry, fluff with a hair pick to your desired volume and there you have it... a perfect Wash-n-Go!

To maintain your curls, you can either cover with a bonnet at night, or pineapple the hair on top of head and cover. The next morning, take a spray bottle with 70% water, add leave-in conditioner, and a little oil, to mist your hair to refresh your curls. A little curl cream is used where needed. Shake and fluff again!

Enjoy your summer with a wash-n-go hair style and remember to hydrate!

Master Stylist,


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