Exercise and Natural Hair

Exercise and Natural Hair

The number one question I receive during the spring and summer months are, “How do I maintain my natural hair during exercising, and what styles are best?”

Natural hair is great when it pertains to exercising because you have the option to wear your hair textured, straight, or switch it up from week to week. The difficulty comes when determining how to maintain the hair during and after exercising. Below are a few recommendations separated in categories of straight styles vs. natural or textured styles.

Straight Styles:

If you are a natural and wear a silk press or Sleek Style from Replenish Salon, your options are a wrap or pin curls. Wearing a straight style can be difficult depending on the degree of sweating that occurs in the hair when exercising. Usually, my clients and I plan their appointments around exercise schedule. For instance, If the appointment is Thursday through Saturday, a client may plan to exercise, Monday, Wednesday, Friday of the next week.

This ensures that the hair has already developed its own natural oils and is not as “fresh” where a little sweat may not revert the hair as easily as it would when the hair was first done.

  1. For more sleek styles, I recommend wrapping the hair with a Mesh Wrap and covering with a cotton scarf, for purposes of absorbing moisture, or wearing the Mesh Wrap or a Dri Sweat Headband alone. It is important to allow hair to remain wrapped until COMPLETELY dry before taking down. This method aids in smoothing the roots from the swelling occurred during exercising.

  2. If you wear loose or tight curls, you can leave hair pin curled, or pineapple hair on top of your head in a loose ponytail and make one large pin curl or use a flexi rod to maintain the curl. A Mesh Wrap or Dri Sweat Headband can be used to maintain both styles. Also, remember to allow hair to dry COMPLETELY before taking down.

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Natural Styles:

Clients who wear Natural styles such as wash n go’s, twist outs, twists, or buns do not have to worry about sweating as much as straight hair wearers. You also would need to wear a Dri Sweat Headband or cover hair with a scarf as well, but the most important element for natural styles is maintaining moisture.

  1. If you wear wash n go’s, you would need to co-wash (rinse with water and conditioner) your hair during the week of exercise, at least once or twice.

  2. Twist wearers should mix water, oil, and conditioner in a spray bottle and mist during the week of exercise to maintain moisture.

  3. If you wear a bun make sure to take down bun at night and twist or braid, covering each night. During exercising, Nicole Parker Sweatband is a great suggestion for this style and its cute!

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However, you choose to wear your hair, always cleanse hair well from sweat, and deep condition to retain moisture. Straight wearers should cleanse at least every 2 weeks when exercising and natural wearers, depending on style, should co-wash once a week and deep cleanse every 3-4 weeks to remove build up and sweat.

Exercising is an important part of good health, and shouldn’t be compromised due to hair styles! Find a regimen that works best for you and let’s get to moving!

Replenish Master Stylist,

Stephanie Lipsey

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