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Retaining Length: Trimming Ends

Start your new year off RIGHT: with healthy ends. 🎉 Yes, hair grows from the scalp, but it breaks from the ends. We often hear the myth that trimming stops you from retaining length. Yes, there are some bloggers/textures that are LOOSE enough (easy to manipulate), OILY enough (retains more moisture easily), or STRONG enough (doesn't break as easily) to go 6-12 months with no trim and majority of the length is retained. That is not the case for most textures, but trim schedules vary from texture to texture and regimen to regimen.

Having a healthy hair regimen avoids you having TOO many split ends, but split ends still occur to some extent and need to be taken care of. When you allow your trim to go too long, it travels into the healthy hair and limits your length retention. Trims: 1) help to retain length 2) help to create movement 3) help the style to last even after you leave the salon 4) help make your detangle easier. The list goes on, so DON'T be afraid to keep those ends trimmed! 😉

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