March 10, 2020

Certified Replenish Stylist

Black women embracing their Natural Hair.

September 14, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Issa Rae, star of the hit show “Insecure” on HBO has been taking the natural hair game to ANOTHER level recently. The past couple of weeks I have gotten way more of what I consider to be “simple updos.” You know… the styles that 5 years ago most of us didn’t consider to be a true “style” or let alone a service that you would leave with as a paid service from the salon: two simple halo twists or braids, simple Mohawk with only 2 twists on the side… those type of styles.

I sat down with a client last week and we both discovered that it is potentially ALL because of Issa’s character on “Insecure.” When we see her change hair styles literally every scene, we literally ohhh and ahhh at how SIMPLE, but cute, they are! It gives a new statement to the idea of the acceptance of these styles in even corporate settings.

Replenish Salon is known for many of our natural clients coming as a check-in, with their biggest concern being treating and trimming their hair and not always wanting an elaborate...

August 31, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Photo Credit: My Fit Station

At Replenish Salon, when we're not talking "hair" our top conversation is "food and exercise!" Many people are starting to jump on board with choosing healthier food alternatives. Social media, popular diet trends, and celebrities are making it easier to adapt a better way of eating and to live. Most recently, the film, “What the Health?” has been trending and many are even considering the Vegan lifestyle. A healthier way to eat is great for the body to avoid disease and health issues, however, there are certain foods that also contribute to hair growth!

1. Salmon-

Salmon not only taste good, but is loaded with Vitamin D and omega-3 that promote hair growth and the scalp healthy. Making sure to consume essential fatty acids, which are also found in walnuts and flaxseeds, promotes a healthy scalp; which is the foundation of your hair growth. Eating a serving of salmon, two to three times week will also benefit your skin as well. Make sure to buy...