March 10, 2020

Certified Replenish Stylist

Black women embracing their Natural Hair.

September 14, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Issa Rae, star of the hit show “Insecure” on HBO has been taking the natural hair game to ANOTHER level recently. The past couple of weeks I have gotten way more of what I consider to be “simple updos.” You know… the styles that 5 years ago most of us didn’t consider to be a true “style” or let alone a service that you would leave with as a paid service from the salon: two simple halo twists or braids, simple Mohawk with only 2 twists on the side… those type of styles.

I sat down with a client last week and we both discovered that it is potentially ALL because of Issa’s character on “Insecure.” When we see her change hair styles literally every scene, we literally ohhh and ahhh at how SIMPLE, but cute, they are! It gives a new statement to the idea of the acceptance of these styles in even corporate settings.

Replenish Salon is known for many of our natural clients coming as a check-in, with their biggest concern being treating and trimming their hair and not always wanting an elaborate...

August 31, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Photo Credit: My Fit Station

At Replenish Salon, when we're not talking "hair" our top conversation is "food and exercise!" Many people are starting to jump on board with choosing healthier food alternatives. Social media, popular diet trends, and celebrities are making it easier to adapt a better way of eating and to live. Most recently, the film, “What the Health?” has been trending and many are even considering the Vegan lifestyle. A healthier way to eat is great for the body to avoid disease and health issues, however, there are certain foods that also contribute to hair growth!

1. Salmon-

Salmon not only taste good, but is loaded with Vitamin D and omega-3 that promote hair growth and the scalp healthy. Making sure to consume essential fatty acids, which are also found in walnuts and flaxseeds, promotes a healthy scalp; which is the foundation of your hair growth. Eating a serving of salmon, two to three times week will also benefit your skin as well. Make sure to buy...

August 2, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Why is a nighttime routine with flat ironed hair important?

Of course, when you take the time to flat iron your hair or pay for a service, you want it to last, but more importantly, did you know that the health of your ends depends on it? Yes, the way that you manipulate your hair, even in a smooth, flat ironed state matters. This is even more important for naturals as we tend to get hair that is thicker at the roots due to sweat or humidity, making it easy to pop and create split ends when manipulating hair that may have puffy roots and smooth ends.

If done properly, I first suggest having the hair as smooth as possible (this doesn’t have to be “bone straight”). Sometimes lowering the flat iron actually backfires if you’re manipulating and wrapping your hair like it is relaxer straight, when in actuality it still has a lot of texture that you can pop by combing or wrapping. When opting for lower temperatures it is best to only finger comb, roll ,flexi rod, or pin curl the hair; NO wrapp...

July 20, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Summer is here and so is the humidity! Many of our clients are looking for a smoothing treatment to help prevent their hair from swelling when straight or to help it become more manageable while wearing natural styles. For those who have never worn a smoothing treatment, we are constantly asked the difference between an Amino Acid Treatment and a Keratin Treatment. Let’s start with the breakdown of a Keratin Treatment:

Keratin Treatments:

Keratin is a type of natural protein that makes up approximately 88 percent of your hair. It is high in the amino acid cystine and is what makes hair “super tough and extremely elastic.” Keratin is a biopolymer, which gives "form and structure to naturally occurring substances,” such as hair and nails, and that the liquid keratin formula “blends with the hair on your head to help restore what has been lost over time.” The keratin works to adhere itself to the hair and hair cuticle, allowing the hair to contain the moisture, which keeps it hydrated.

The i...

June 21, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Guide to Healthy Summer Protective Styling:

When school is out, the heat sets in, and everyone is headed out of town for their vacations, some clients opt for protective styling to get them through June and July. Unfortunately, each summer I tend to have clients that come back to their normal regimen, when it cools off, with badly damaged hair and split ends. Protective styles are supposed to be healthy though right?


But only when you pair your hair with the right style, it is executed properly, maintained properly, and taken out properly. Don’t allow your hair to go steps backwards this summer.

Here are some of my tips for successful summer styles.

Choosing your protective style:

Let’s be real… every style is not for everybody. If is too hard to detangle when you take it out, it ultimately results in hair loss. For majority of my clients with fine hair or tight textures I recommend styles that involve few or larger sections. This could be styles with their own hair (such has rod sets a...

June 8, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

It's spring and soon to be summer! In most regions the summer months brings humidity, rain showers, and Heat! Many naturals use this time of the year to take advantage of the temperature and wear simple wash-n-go's. They are quick, cool, and a way to get much moisture in the hair strand.

In this blog we will cover a step by step tutorial and recommendations on products to achieve a curly, fluffy, style. *Notice* - All textures do not have the texture to achieve this style. Most textures which are naturally loose-coils, wavy, or curly, usually have success with the method listed below. Tighter, denser textures may have to twist or braid hair wet or damp to achieve a pattern.

Step 1- Shampoo hair thoroughly with a conditioning shampoo. A clarifying shampoo may be needed if the hair has a lot of build-up. Next, make sure to condition the hair or use a moisture mask to replenish the hair. At Replenish Salon, we use Micro-Mist steamers which hydrates the strand and deposit about 4-6 ounces of...

May 10, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Have you contemplated color recently but changed your mind due to a negative past experience? Have you had a friend or co-worker who has talked you out of it because your hair is “too beautiful to damage”? Have you watched numerous YouTube videos that make you less and less interested in potentially harming the curls that you’ve worked so hard on?

I’m sure this sounds like most of us… Color can be a VERY scary ordeal, but there is hope. Color CAN enhance your hair without ruining the integrity or curls, but there are many steps and red flags that you should look for when receiving a color service. Let’s discuss them here:

1. Do you have a good moisture regimen?

The effect color will have on your hair first starts with the current condition of your hair and your hair regimen. I never recommend color, no matter how subtle, to clients who are still struggling with maintaining moisture in their hair. Realistically, color is a chemical, period. Clients who maintain soft and moist hair at least...

April 23, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

Exercise and Natural Hair

The number one question I receive during the spring and summer months are, “How do I maintain my natural hair during exercising, and what styles are best?”

Natural hair is great when it pertains to exercising because you have the option to wear your hair textured, straight, or switch it up from week to week. The difficulty comes when determining how to maintain the hair during and after exercising. Below are a few recommendations separated in categories of straight styles vs. natural or textured styles.

Straight Styles:

If you are a natural and wear a silk press or Sleek Style from Replenish Salon, your options are a wrap or pin curls. Wearing a straight style can be difficult depending on the degree of sweating that occurs in the hair when exercising. Usually, my clients and I plan their appointments around exercise schedule. For instance, If the appointment is Thursday through Saturday, a client may plan to exercise, Monday, Wednesday, Friday of the next we...

March 3, 2017

Certified Replenish Stylist

What does "stretching" your hair mean?

Natural hair tends to have a lot of shrinkage, meaning that due to the coils and bends in your hair, it draws tighter to your scalp. When you pull your hair, or straighten your hair, it stretches the texture to show its actual length.

Stretching your natural hair means that you are styling your hair in a manner that you eliminate some of the shrinkage in your hair, thus eliminating a lot of knots and tangles. More importantly-- stretched styles eliminate a lot of dryness with your texture because you are able to smooth products into the cuticle of the hair from roots to ends and allow it to set vs just plopping some product on top of your fro and neglecting all of the coils and curls underneath.

Many naturals neglect to understand the importance of stretching for their texture and want to take the easy way out: a wash and go. My general rule of thumb is that if your hair shrinks down to even 25% less than when you pull it, you should wear stretched s...

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