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About Replenish


Always deeming ourselves as “healthy hair stylists,” we have devoted our careers to healthy hair practices above all else. Working side by side at a previous salon location, we both realized that we provided a unique, caring experience to clients and would make the perfect partners. 


Our salon vision is to provide a unique, relatable, and caring experience to clients who desire one on one services in the midst of their busy lives. We understand that a relationship and communication with your stylist is of importance and that healthy hair is a highly used word amongst stylists, but can often lack results. Essentially, healthy hair grows, and that is our priority. 


We have used our passion for the industry, and knowledge of the strand, to personally hand pick exclusive products with essential ingredients that will replenish the strand with what it needs internally to be healthy and grow. Paired with the science driven technology of micro misting, each visit is guaranteed to have the perfect balance between hydration, replenishment, and love. 


Allow us to create a new experience for you and your delicate strands.



Stephanie & Brandy

Replenish Salon in Atlanta


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