Khadijah “KD / KAYDEE” Lynch

KD HEADSHOT (1)_edited.jpg

KD came from Greensboro, NC to Atlanta with big dreams. Since a child she liked her hair styled a certain way… she always liked bright/unique clothing patterns, accessories, and styles and loved for her hair to be different colors and styles as well. As a child she would do her mother’s hair, her own, and eventually friends/other family members. KD always begged for mannequin heads and Barbie dolls to style em’ up or chop all their hair off LOL. Hair has always been a deep passion!


After graduating from high school, she attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte for business… later transferring to psychology. KD realized that she hated college and no longer wanted to do the “school thing.” When she returned home she always had her mind on pursuing the hair career she’d always dreamed of, so she decided to pursue a cosmetology career. She enrolled in Virginia College and obtained her cosmetology license. Upon graduating, she thought Atlanta would be the perfect place to start her hair career, so she moved in the beginning of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since! 


Kaydee is a mix of intellect and charisma! She’s proud to be a quick thinker, has great problem solving skills, but is also the life of the party… if she feels like it! LOL. She lovesss music and is always somewhere laughing! 



Specialties: Sleek Styles, natural styling (twist/braid outs), loc maintenance, sew ins, and wig making/wig installs, and overall healthy hair!


Fun facts about KD:


  1. She loves the beach, lakes, boats, etc. but cannot swim! She is actually terrified  of water and has no interest in taking a cruise lol

  2. She could eat Mexican food every day! 

  3. “I can do math equations in my head - I thought I was practically a mathematician until I ended up in college calculus lol “