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Protective Styling-

Crochet Service


Protective Crochet installation with zero to minimal leave out of the natural hair line. Pricing includes braid down and install of curly textures


Stylist will reach out to consult. Includes shaping and trim, but a cut is $25 additional. Please note that any hair that is excessively tangled and matted is subject to extra charge. $50 deposit is required and nonrefundable.

Protective Styling- Crochet Installation (Must come Blow dried)- $150

Protective Styling- Crochet Installation (Shampoo,Treatment and Blow-dry)- $200

FAQs by Certified Replenish Stylist, Lakesia Hayes

1) How long will my crochet weave last?

I recommend a crochet install be worn for no longer than approximately 5 weeks.

Typically a crochet installation is done with synthetic hair and during the duration of the install, synthetic hair can tangle and possibly become matted. Your crochet install will remain healthy

if well cared for, but it’s best not to keep the style for too long to prevent tangling with your natural hair.

2) Will I be able to pull my crochet installation into a single ponytail?


Smaller braids can be done around the hairline so you may be able to pull your crochet installation away from your face. After detailed consultation and hair evaluation, we will be able to determine if smaller braids near edges is the best option for YOUR current hair situation.

If not, I would suggest larger braids to preserve the integrity of edges. 

3) Can I take out the installation myself?


In most cases, I do NOT sew down the natural hair braiding foundation; I prefer this method so you

will have the option to remove on your own. I will instruct you on how to remove the installation in the salon. If for any reason you are uncomfortable removing the installation yourself, a removal can be added to your next treatment/style service. 

4) Can I shampoo my crochet braids?

 I do NOT recommend washing crochet installations. Since the hair is synthetic, it is more prone to matting and severe tangling. The synthetic hair and your natural hair can intertwine, causing unnecessary shedding and breakage of the natural hair when taking down the install.

5) What do I do if my scalps begin to itch?

Consult on how to jump start any healthy/effective protective style will be done before the service; proper cleansing is the key to preventing severe scalp irritation. With crochet braids in particular, you can mix water, a small amount of apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera juice in a bottle. Put this mixture onto a cotton round and rub the areas that are irritated.

This mixture acts as a natural astringent to help keep your scalp balanced. 

6) What products should I use on my crochet hair?

 I recommend applying any inexpensive foam/mousse to help maintain frizz and prevent the hair from clumping as much as possible. I’ve also heard some clients state wig spray work well for preventing frizz; wig sprays can be purchased at your local beauty supply store.

7) What kind of hair should I purchase for my install? Where can I purchase hair?

Upon booking, I will always reach out to consult.  I would suggest gathering a few photos of a crochet installs that you like, and I will guide you on which curl pattern/texture to purchase. Every local

beauty supply store carries different brands/ textures, so browsing the stores would be a good place to start. is a good website to order crochet hair from and saves time if you don’t want to browse the stores. 

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