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Our Covid-19 Safety Standards

As we attempt to create a sense of normality during this COVID climate, a safe environment for our staff and clients is of upmost importance to us, so any clients not willing to comply with our standards will not be serviced. 

What are our standards and safety measures?

1. While masks are not currently required during the spring/summer seasons, we do recommend masks during the face to face portions of our services (at the shampoo bowl). 

2. All clients and staff will be required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the salon. This is an extra measure to avoid any germs on hands spreading. 

3. We will be continually sanitizing or disinfecting ALL used surfaces and tools including shampoo area, steamer area, styling area, bathroom, and our check out area. Tools and capes will be sanitized in between each client.

4. We will be limiting guests to ensure a lower count of people within our square footage. We have 5 stylists that take clients one on one, so our salon is never packed. 

5. Anyone who enters the salon showing any obvious symptoms or exhibiting continual/excessive coughing and sneezing, will unfortunately be asked to leave, so please be courteous before even coming to your appointment. Anyone who has any issues with contributing to any standards will be asked to leave. 

We appreciate you and thank you for contributing to our salon being a safe place for all!

Replenish Salon in Atlanta


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