Our Covid-19 Safety Standards

We have had some tough decisions to make recently. Although Governor Kemp gave salons the green light to open on April 24th, we decided not to open then as we had too many questions about our safety and yours. We have been discussing the best way to open and have been researching and testing with clients to ensure that our staff and clients feel safe. We have decided to open on May 18th, so all appointments prior to that date have been cancelled. Being that we are a boutique, 4 stylist salon that already takes clients one on one, we are thankful that our transition will be easier than most!

What will be our new standards and safety measures?

1. All clients and staff will be required to wear a mask during services to ensure no transfer of fluids from mouth and nose, and to ensure no breathing in any airborne particles while over clients and near other individuals . Unfortunately, we will not allow clients that are not willing to wear a mask. Please bring mask with you.

2. All clients and staff will be required to wash their hands upon entering the salon. This is an extra measure to avoid any germs on hands spreading. Due to this and masks, we cannot allow any clients to eat while in salon. 

3. We will be continually disinfecting ALL used surfaces including shampoo area, steamer area, styling area, bathroom, and our check out area. Stylists will wash hands after each client. Each area utilized or touched, and all tools used will be disinfected after EACH client. We have also purchased a higher count of capes to ensure we are able to keep up with sanitizing and cleaning capes.

4. No guests will be allowed. We will be closing our waiting area to ensure a lower count of people within our square footage. This will also limit the amount of surfaces that have to be continually cleaned throughout the day so that we can focus on high priority areas. If we aren't quite ready for you when you arrive, you can wait in your car or we will have a disinfected shampoo chair ready for you to wait at.

5. Anyone who enters the salon showing any obvious symptoms or exhibiting continual coughing and sneezing, will unfortunately be asked to leave, so please be courteous before even coming to your appointment. Anyone who has any issues with contributing to any standards will be asked to leave. 

We appreciate you and thank you for contributing to our salon being a safe place for all!