Brandy Sims

IG: @BrandySimsHairArt

& @BrandyCSims


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Brandy is a talented South Carolina native. Having a mother who is a salon owner of over 30 years, she grew up in the salon environment developing a strong appreciation and passion at an early age. Moving to Atlanta to initially pursue a full scholarship at Spelman College and intending a path at a corporate career, she could no longer ignore her passion and attended Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta, graduating with honors. 

Although she later completed her studies at The Pennsylvania State University, receiving a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology, Brandy is devoted to her career, utilizing both her college and cosmetology studies. This dual experience has often labeled her a "hair nerd" or deemed as "Dr. B". She channels her intellectual side to research and stay on top of the latest healthy hair practices and products and loves to bring out her creativity through fun and innovative techniques as a Master Colorist. Brandy is the perfect blend of bubbly personality, knowledge, and professionalism. Ultimately, she values getting to know her clients and providing a comforting and unique experience to each.


To help clients at home in more detail, she has created an online training academy, Textured Training Academy TM.  Her latest course: "How do you REALLY grow hair?!" can be found here:

Specialities: Helping clients with healthy hair and  length retention through detailed regimen consults, precise trims, healthy balayage, dimensional, and vibrant color techniques, sleek styles, twist outs.

Fun facts about Brandy:

1. Brandy got rid of cable for 6 months because she was addicted to ALL reality T.V. worked. Even though her hubby wanted cable back, she can now only binge watch dramas and can't watch regular tv so she's always behind on everything! lol


2. She loves anything that can be dipped: guacamole, queso, spinach, crab... 

3. She's one of the most honest people in Beyonce's life, so Bey sometimes doesn't accept her phone calls to avoid the truth. #familystruggles