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Protective Styling-

Braiding Services with Shannon White


Protective styling shouldn't take you steps backwards in your regimen! This addition to our menu is for the client who desires a different look or protection of their natural hair but ultimately wants to retain the length and health of their strands. Our goal with our protective style services is to provide clients with a healthy break from their natural hair without ruining the integrity of the natural strands.

**For all braiding services you MUST come thoroughly detangled, cleansed, and properly blow dried. Cleanse, micro mist hydration, and blow out is available for an additional $40 charge min (dependent upon length, density, and tangles)

*Hair accessories can be provided for an additional $20 fee

*A $50 deposit is required upon booking and is nonrefundable/nontransferable

Med. Lower Back Knotless Box Braids 

Menu & Pricing

Knotless Box Braids 

Sm Mid Back                                                                                                   $275         

Sm Lower Back                                                                                               $300      

Med. Mid Back                                                                                                $225

Med. Lower Back                                                                                            $250 

Lg. Mid Back:                                                                                                   $200

Lg. Lower Back                                                                                               $225


Cuban Twists 

Med./Lg. Mid Back                                                                                           $150      

Med./Lg. Lower Back                                                                                       $175     

Sleek Stitch Braids  (real hair only)

(2-8 braids): One Size Only- Straight Back/ Angled                                $65

Extended Stitch Braids (hair added) 

(2-6 braids): Straight Back/ Angled

2 braids:                                                                                                         $90

3-10 braids                                                                                                    $130  

Please click "Schedule Appointment Now" Link below to email us to book! Please include service desired, and we will reach out within 24 hours to consult and schedule (please allow until Monday response for weekend requests. )

Sleek Stitch Braids
Cuban Twists


1. What are knotless braids?


The knotless technique is a healthier alternative to traditional box braids. With this low to no tension method your natural hair will begin the braid and the extensions with be fed into the braids until it creates a consistent size throughout the braid. Typically, knots are created at the root of a small section of hair to form box braids, resulting in stress on the edges and follicle and more shed hair and build up gathered at the root, which can increase shedding during take down.

Hair should be at least 3 inches long blow dried. Depending upon consistency of health and density throughout the hair, broken/shorter areas may only qualify for small knotless box braids to ensure the security and longevity of the braids. 


2. How long does my hair have to be to get braids?


For Individuals, at least 2 inches. For braids to the scalp, 3-4 Inches.

3. How long do the braids last?


Knotless braids should be kept in no longer than 6 weeks, cuban twists 8 weeks, stitch braids 7-10 days, and extended stitch braids 3 weeks. 

4. Can I shampoo my braids?

I do not recommend shampooingyour braids. With the hair being braided, it could cause potential breaking during take down from tangling/matting created from swelling and manipulation.  However, occasional swimming with your braids is permitted.

5. Do you offer a braid take down service? 


Unfortunately, due to the demand of all services, we do not offer a braid take down service. How you enter and exit a style are important to the health of the strands and length retention.


Here are our tips for healthy take down: 

1) Do not wait to take all braids out to start your detangle. Finger detangle as you go, all the way to the scalp, removing shed hairs. 

2) After removing all braids, use a wide tooth comb (all the way to the scalp) to remove additional shed hairs). 

3) Avoid tangling during shampoo (excessive twirling at the scalp). Shampooing in 2-4 sections after braids can be helpful). 


6. Do you provide hair?


Our braid services include hair, but there will be an additional charge for any traditional/popular colors not kept in stock (Blondes, reds, etc). 

7. What is your age recommendation for braid services?


12 and up is my professional recommendation. Too much tension at a young  age can cause long term damage to future hair growth.

Please click "Schedule Appointment Now" Link below to email us to book! Please include service desired, and we will reach out within 24 hours to consult and schedule (please allow until Monday response for weekend requests. )

Replenish Salon in Atlanta


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