Aliya Abbey


With dreams of being a hairstylist even before the age of 8, Aliya has always been in tune with her calling: having a career in the beauty industry. Aliya was born and raised in Michigan, but she has lived in Atlanta for over a decade and has become accustomed to true Southern hospitality. In her early years, Aliya created a personal plan to become a licensed cosmetologist while also having insight on day-to-day operations of business.


To prepare her for her ultimate goal, Aliya graduated Cum Laude from The University of West Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2016 at the top 10% of her class. The following year, in 2017, Aliya completed the Master Cosmetology Program at Paul Mitchell The School ESANI where she received “The Most Studious” Superlative Award. 


Although she has been styling for years, she has committed to putting her best efforts and time into being a healthy hair expert. She considers herself a “natural-born hairstylist” as she has taught herself most styling/braiding techniques while freelancing and exploring her passion. She is essentially driven by her passion for overall positive well-being and the desire to have healthy hair, nails and skin. She believes there is intrinsic value in sharing knowledge and following routines that promote healthy hair and works closely with a broad spectrum of naturally coiled textures.

Specialties: Sleek style (including wand and flat iron curls), precise trims that promote length retention, rod sets, and twisted styles.

Fun facts about Aliya:


1. Aliya enjoys warm weather and the outdoors. Swimming at the beach, bike rides through the park, and an evening at a festival or fair would be considered time well spent.


2. She loves to try new things. She is open to experiencing cultures, activities and foods that aren’t typically her norm.


3.  She believes one can be a “Jill of all trades” and a “Master of SOME”.