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Salon Closing Letter and Updates

It is with much peace, confirmation, and excitement for our next chapters that we come to you to announce that we have sold our salon space and will be closing Replenish Salon, effective June 30th, 2023. We know this is shocking news, but with the years of success we continue to have, and after nearly a decade of services, we celebrate this moment and the blessing to be able to end on a high note! All appointments scheduled will be honored, and please read on for details about the stylist you are with booked with. 


We are extremely proud of the success we have achieved over the years as one of the top-rated natural hair salons in Atlanta. We are proud of the journey, the growth, the lives we have touched, and the lessons learned. When we started our brand, we had NO idea how our name would be known in the Atlanta community. How many lives we would touch and how much growth and evolution would occur. We are continually blessed and humbled. We didn’t know that closing would be something we would be considering this year, but we know it is best for us. 


There are many elements that led to this decision—Our healing journeys, our trust of God’s direction, our needing our paths to lead to our full purpose to best present ourselves and our brand to the world. When we started our salon, we had a really clear vision for a team of stylists to empower one another and evolve together, not just in skills, but on a soul level. To conquer the industry in a deep and genuine way and for us all to defy the odds. 


The Replenish Salon Brand has meant so much to us, but that vision has not fully happened. We have put so so much into Replenish and even more into each stylist that has been a part of our brand. We have throughly enjoyed developing stylists, helping them build a clientele, and providing a nurturing environment for them to achieve their goals and next level. We pride ourselves on having an extremely low turn over rate with stylists, and while we have grown from this journey as well, training and pouring into stylists every 2-3 years to start over with a new group has become more draining than life giving. What used to be a strong passion is no longer the case. 


Most importantly, it has been beautiful so see how many clients our brand has touched. As we reflect on our time together, we can't help but feel a sense of joy and pride. It has been an honor to work with each and every one of you, and we cherish the memories and relationships we have built along the way. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our loyal clients. You have been an integral part of our journey, and we are immensely grateful for your continued patronage. While the salon will be closing, we will still all be servicing clients with a new menu of services at our respective locations. No worries—Brandy & Stephanie are excellent and soul sisters for life and will be located next door to one another!


The Replenish Brand will live on through our haircare line Naturally Replenish, and we are thankful to now have the time to pour more into our product line and the detail of our services! We have so many plans that we are excited to have the energy to execute!


We want to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of our clients for making our journey a memorable one. We hope our salon brand has made even a small impact on your life in a positive way. 


Love & Appreciation,


Brandy & Stephanie

Brandy Sims

Last day at Replenish is June 1st

New location and services at website below:



Stephanie Lipsey

Last day at Replenish is June 23rd

New location and services at website below:



Tameshiye “Mesh” Poole

Last day at Replenish Is May 26th

New location and services at website below:


Replenish Salon in Atlanta


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